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PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH:          (Teaching Competencies - bottom of page)


             I strongly believe every individual should have their personal uniqueness encouraged and stimulated. I strive to create an environment that motivates each mover to develop their own principles, rules and values, and provides opportunities to apply them to their movement practices.

          My goal is for each mover to create their own “technique” that can be reinvented as they continually evolve as dancers. I utilize the theory of multiple intelligences to uphold and support individual differences and to engage students in a variety of ways to cover as many learning intelligences as possible. My pedagogical approach is based on the learner and because of this I need to be adaptable to fully benefit my students.

        I urge my students to continually broaden and diversify themselves as movers and researchers by furthering their cognitive and physical knowledge. I assist my students in unearthing and expanding their individual creative interests by welcoming their assistance and involvement in their own education. By emphasizing student agency within the learning environment I provide my students with a certain level of control, autonomy, and power within their own educational situation. By taking personal responsibility for their education, especially in higher education, my student’s creativity and imagination expand through movement explorations, research and observation.

       My success as a teacher is not only based on my student’s abilities as proficient movers but also as interactive, considerate and contributing members of society. I work hard to instill certain values as my students progress through varying stages of physical and neurological development. My students are confident, considerate, responsible, tolerant and driven human beings. Through honesty, communication and a sense of humor I practice what I preach to provide a positive role model for my students.

         While teaching I am simultaneously learning. Assessment allows me to learn from supposed successes and failures, and I also learn from my students. Learning while teaching demonstrates an interactive process and a give-and-take relationship; teachers teach students, students teach teachers. I cultivate a thought-provoking learning environment to encourage this mutual exchange of knowledge through explorations, research and discussions.

        My focused teaching interests and expertise are primarily in Irish, Tap, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre. My extensive and diverse background in dance, music and theatre has informed and molded my pedagogical approach. My teaching is diverse, interdisciplinary, multicultural and collaborative. I do not want my students to be limited to only one dance genre or discipline. By providing a versatile and engaging education I aim to inspire, empower and challenge my students to surpass their personal expectations and goals by continually expanding their knowledge and abilities.  


             (k-12, studio & collegiate)


- Irish

- Tap


- Musical Theatre

- Modern

- Contemporary

- Ballet

- various theory courses (collegiate) 

         **Acting and Vocal coaching**

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