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"Miss Bri is inspiring! She's a talented teacher with enthusiasm that carries the students along on a wonderful dance journey. She also has a vast reservoir of knowledge both historical and practical to draw upon." ~ Sharilyn Ross, Parent, Palmyra-Macedon Conservatory of Dance

"Her approach to teaching made a fun and enriching process and left my daughter with the desire to move ahead and learn more...Briana is an excellent teacher; she relays her expectations to her students in such a way they fully comprehend and is an outstanding role model. She gives enough of herself to form a friendship with her students but also carries and conducts herself in such a way that shows the students how to be a respectful and to respect themselves." Julie Hartman, Parent, Palmyra-Macedon Conservatory of Dance

"She is funny, shares personal stories to connect with students, is strict but NOT mean. She is very clear and helps dancers understand new moves no matter how long it takes." Jennifer Voss, Parent, Palmyra-Macedon Conservatory of Dance

"To have a teacher like you is the icing on the cake. Your energy is limitless...They try hard to make you proud. That is a testimonial in itself." Sharon Celentano, Grandparent, Palmyra-Macedon Conservatory of Dance

"Miss Kelly has an impressive ability to connect with and engage both young children and teenagers...She truly cares about each of her students and she really seems to understand what motivates children and adolescents to perform to the best of their abilities." Rebecca and Paul Gilfus, Parents, Palmyra-Macedon Conservatory of Dance

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